Low / Medium Frequency, 400Hz

Power transformers

Low / Medium frequency

TCT designs, manufactures and sells power transformers 50Hz and 800 Hz for the strictest applications. The power transformers are mainly used in aeronautics, defense and military for lighting power supply, filtering, but also in railway and medical sectors for the power units supply.

the TCT range of power transformers includes iron/silicon, iron/cobalt, iron/nickel or nanocrystalline cores in order to find the best ratio in terms of costs, productivity, lifespan and size.

The mechanical presentation of the component can be of different shapes with various fastenings, depending on your needs.

Technical charasteristics

  • Iron/Silicon, Iron/Cobalt, Iron/Nickel and nanocrystalline cores
  • Frequency: 16Hz 2/3, 50Hz, 800Hz…
  • Power examples: from some VA to 15KVA